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Workshop on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region Held in Beijing Successfully

2012-07-12 APEC-ECBA

On July 10-11,2012, Workshop on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region , sponsored by APEC, organized by China International Electronic Commerce Center(CIECC) and APEC Electronic Commerce Alliance, was held successfully in Beijing, China.

Mr. Wang Jianguo, Executive Deputy Director of CIECC, Mr. Zhang
Nianlu, Secretary General of APEC Electronic Commerce Alliance and Vice President of China International Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd, representatives from Ministry of Commerce, China,  Office of Origin, General Administration of Customs of China, and China Council for the Promotion of  International Trade (CCPIT)  were present and delivered keynote speeches at the workshop. Meanwhile, more than 40 participants from government agency, business community and academic circle from APEC member economies including Malaysia, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Chinese Taipei, the Philippines, , Indonesia, Chile have also been participated the workshop actively.

During the workshop, delegates have made helpful explorations and exchanged views on ECO cross-border transmission from different perspectives. In the meantime, they also shared their experience on the benefits of cross-border ECO implementation. Moreover, delegates have also made helpful discussions on the readiness of ECO implementation and obstacles encountered.
Meanwhile, the research team have reported the key content of “Report on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region(draft)”. All the participants shared the same opinion that the report is very pragmatic with abundant information, which has offered many practical and effective suggestions in promoting ECO cross-border transmission and trade facilitation in APEC region.
Primary consensus has been reached at the workshop:
Firstly, strengthen the coordination and cooperation among relevant departments and agencies. Secondly, guarantee the technical support. To implement ECO cross-border transmission, a unified technical platform has to be established; Thirdly, systematic arrangements on the cooperation between member economies concerning ECO cross-border transmission is required.

Since its foundation, APEC Electronic Commerce Business Alliance has always been adhering to the tenet of "promoting exchanges and cooperation, improving trading environment and serving the business community", and has given full play to the role as a bridge between governments and business circle, boosted the government to optimize the environment of e-commerce development, helped traditional enterprises facilitate the business process transformation and promoted the capacity building of e-commerce in APEC region as a whole.

Mr. Wang Jianguo, Executive Deputy Director of CIECC

Mr. Zhang Nianlu, Secretary General of APEC Electronic Commerce Alliance

Mr. Zhu Lian, Head of Development & Planning Division, Department of

    E-Commerce and Informatization, Ministry of Commerce, China

Mr. Zhu Guangyao, Head of APEC Division, Department of

 International Trade and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, China

Mr. Zheng Cunqiang, Section Chief of Office of Origin, General 

Administration of Customs of China

Prof. Wang Jian, Director of Center for International Business Studies(CIBS), UIBE

Ms. Alicia Say, Manager of Corporate Planning and Business Development Department,

Trade-van Information Services Co. Chinese Taipei.

Mr. Javier FLORINDEZ, Technical Leader Single Window for Foreign Trade,

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. 

Mr. Amran Sameon, Director of Trade Facilitation & Technology, Ministry

of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia.

Ms. Angélica Nava Noguerón, Ministry of Economy, Mexico

Mr. Ning Pei, Legal Affairs Department, China Council

for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

Mr. Rama Ha, International Department of KTNET, Republic of Korea

Mr. Vu Xuan Thuyen, High-Level Official, Deputy Director (In Charge Of)

        Division”Investment and Corporate Governance Policies”.

        Agency of Enterprise Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment

 Mr. Chanchai Chaichalermsak, Director of Information Technology Division

       Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

Ms. Agnes Perpetua R. Legaspi, Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Assistant Director,

Trade and Information Assistance Group (TIAG), Bureau of Export Trade Promotion (BETP),  Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Philippines

Prof. Kong Qingfeng, School of Economics, Shandong University

Prof. Liang Shuxin, School of Economics, Shandong University

Group Photo of the Participants