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Executive Deputy Director of CIECC Mr. Wang Jianguo Attends the Workshop and Dilivers a Speech

2012-07-13 APEC-ECBA

On July 10-11,2012, Workshop on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region , sponsored by APEC, organized by China International Electronic Commerce Center(CIECC) and APEC Electronic Commerce Alliance, was held successfully in Beijing, China.

Mr. Wang Jianguo, Executive Deputy Director of China International Electronic Commerce  Center(CIECC) was present and delivered a speech entitled "Promoting E-commerce Development, Improving Trade Efficiency".

In his speech, Mr. Wang indicated that since the initiative of APEC-ECBA, fruitful achievements have been made in electronic trade service, electronic transmission of trade documents, e-trade examination and approval, electronic clearance and electronic logistics as well as improvement in trade operational efficiency and performance.

Following is the full text of Mr. wang’s speech:


Develop E-Commerce and Increase Trading Efficiency

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning.

It is a great pleasure to attend the Workshop on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region. On behalf of China International Electronic Commerce Center and APEC Electronic Commerce Business Alliance, I sincerely wish the workshop a complete success.

Since its foundation, APEC Electronic Commerce Business Alliance has always been adhering to the tenet of "promoting exchanges and cooperation, improving trading environment and serving the business community", and has given full play to the role as a bridge between governments and business circle, boosted the government to optimize the environment of e-commerce development, helped traditional enterprises facilitate the business process transformation and promoted the capacity building of e-commerce in APEC region as a whole. Since the official launch of paper-less trading in the first APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum with the theme of "Digital Enterprises", we are delighted to see that governments of all member economies have attached much importance to the e-commerce development and paperless trade promotion. Years of concerted efforts of all member economies in e-commerce have borne fruits in APEC region: advances have been made by leaps and bounds in electronic trade service, electronic transmission of trade documents, e-trade examination and approval, electronic clearance and electronic logistics as well as improvement in trade operational efficiency and performance. The development of e-commerce has already been an important driving force for economic boom in APEC region.

In 2005, we have made an assessment on the development of paperless trading of APEC member economies and offered periodic suggestions for further development.  Several years of practices in this regard have led to brand-new and fast development in cross-border paperless trading. This workshop is an integral part of the research project on the readiness of ECO implementation in cross-border trade in APEC region. The delegates are about to make modifications and improvement on the report over discussion. Meanwhile, analysis and summaries will also be made concerning the status quo of ECO cross-border transmission within the region. We hope that this workshop will be served as a platform of communication and discussion for all the participating economies, which will promote the economic and technical exchange and cooperation between economies and accelerate the development of cross-border paperless trade.

As the chairman unit of APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance and informatization service provider directly under the Ministry of Commerce, China, China International E-Commerce Center (CIECC) has always been committing itself to the enterprises informatization and application of e-commerce in the business and trade field as well as in circulation domain in China. In 1996, CIECC took the lead in introducing EDI to China, and became the UN Trade Point China Development Center. CIECC shoulders the mission to construct, operate and maintain the country's golden gate backbone website: and one of the top nine Internet:  www. CIECC has also set more than 20 national standards on e-commerce in China's business and trade field, constructed several trade service portals such as China Commodities Fair/ Online Canton Fair, dedicating itself to the development of paperless trade in China. CIECC has developed the first CA accreditation system with its own intellectual property rights and actively promoted and participated in the enactment of Electronic Signature Law in China.

CIECC will continuously draw on advanced service model such as cloud computing to forge a leading third party whole process e-commerce service system to promote the process of informatization and rapid development of paperless trading.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It's universally recognized that APEC has done a lot in e-commerce and paperless trade. However, problems like the imbalance of development within the region and the digital gap in e-commerce application still exist. To promote paperless trade in APEC, firstly, we need to strengthen the communication and cooperation between developed and developing economies; secondly, we should further clarify the relationship between business and government; thirdly, we should also assess and pay enough attention to the opportunities and challenges during paperless trading process within the region. We are confident that, with the joint efforts of all the economies, the paperless trading will get consummation and development, and the promoting effect on regional economy and other economies will be increasingly apparent.

Finally, on behalf of APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance and CIECC, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to every delegate from government departments, business community and academic field of all APEC member econommies. Thank you for your great support for this workshop. I hope we could take the opportunity of the workshop to make progress together in further promoting paperless trading in Asian-Pacific region.

I wish the workshop a complete success. Thank you all.